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Helping raise financing to support the operations of agri-businesses and agro-processing companies

AgriFin (Agricultural Financing)

As advisors, OYA is positioned to help raise financing to support the operations of agri-businesses and agro-processing companies. We assist Farmers, Farmer Organizations and SMEs gain access to financing mainly through our product offering:

  • Capital raising through financial institutions (both local and international).

The sustainability and growth of our customers in this sector is so critical such that, AgriFin helps structure these businesses by way of advisory and guidance right from when clients come through our doors. These are done through:

  • Business Development Services
  • Advisory services; business and financial modeling

We create a complete ecosystem of input suppliers, vendors & manufacturers, and the market.

This ensures that our positioning as financing the full value chain yields the core goals of AgriFin.

The Sustainable Development Goals and ESG forms a fundamental part of the reason for AgriFin.

Backed by an experienced team in agriculture, finance, operations and strong local and international partners, AgriFin aligns the interests of multiple parties in the agricultural and financial value chain.


Building Agri-Business Concepts to Access Grants:

At OYA, the foundation is to make sure you ask yourself the indispensable question,

“Where is my business, and where is it going?”

“Is my business delivering to my expectations?”

“As a primary producer of a small-scale, medium-scale or large-scale farm/agri-business, are you steering the business to the direction of sustainability that will help impact on the lives of the community?”

OYA will help;

  1. Develop clear and concise Business Concepts to enable access the grants
  2. Develop implementable ideas and concepts that fits into the mission of the grant being accessed
  3. Develop and present an idea that will impact on the needs of the community or the people

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